How To Reuse Tape In Extensions

Tape in hair extensions have gained huge popularity over the years due to their ease of use, natural look and ability to add instant length and volume. They offer a great means to switch up your look in a non-permanent way. For those of you who love using them but would like to be more efficient with expenses, reusing your tape-in extensions can be an ideal solution. Let’s get into the details on how to go about this process.

Extension Types Overview

Tape-in extensions are just one among many types of hair extensions available. Other types include clip-ins, sew-ins, keratin-bonded extensions, and fleet-tip extensions. What differentiates tape-ins is the weft of hair attached to a piece of clear tape. This piece of tape is adhered on either side with the natural hair sandwiched in between.

This method is non-damaging to your natural hair, provided it’s done correctly. You get seamless integration as the tapes are usually undetectable once fitted properly.

Tape In Extension Features

The features of tape-in extensions make them the preferred choice for many. The application process is quick, often less than an hour. They’re also comfortable and lightweight. Tape-ins can last anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on aftercare.

They lie flat against your head making them less detectable than some other forms of extensions. Additionally, they can be reused up to three times which is a great way to save money!

Reasons for Reusing Extensions

Reusing tape-in extensions comes with numerous benefits and is not only about cost efficiency. It’s also less wasteful as you aren’t constantly buying new packs of hair for each application. This ultimately contributes to environmental conservation which aligns with our growing global initiatives towards sustainability.

Moreover, older hair extensions tend to blend better with your natural hair as they’ve been worn and exposed to the similar washing and styling routines as your own hair. To get an idea of how recycled products can perfectly fit into our lifestyle, have a look at this article on recycled leather.

Safety Precautions in Reusing

While reusing tape-in extensions is a practical move, make sure to follow some safety precautions. Hair extensions should never be shared amongst friends or family due to hygiene issues. Additionally, always clean and sanitize the extensions before reusing them.

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Ensure your hair is in good condition before applying tape-ins. If you have thinning or severely damaged hair, discuss it with a professional before deciding on extensions.

Removing Tape In Extensions

Before reusing tape-ins, you need to remove the existing ones carefully without harming your natural hair. Apply a tape-in extension remover onto each piece. This solvent helps release the adhesive bond from the tapes. Allow it to sit for some minutes before gently peeling off the extension.

Remember, if it seems too difficult to detach, apply more solvent and give it another minute or two before retrying. You don’t want to rush this process and risk damaging your natural hair.

Cleaning Tape In Extensions

The next step in reusing tape-ins is cleaning them thoroughly. First, they need to be brushed out gently to ensure all tangles are removed. Once brushed out, proceed with washing. Use lukewarm water and a gentle sulfate-free shampoo.

Rinse thoroughly making sure all product is removed from the wefts. Once finished, apply a leave-in conditioner to keep your extensions moisturized and easy to manage.

Drying Hair Extensions

Pat the extensions dry with a towel to remove any excess water but avoid rubbing as it can result in tangles. Next, lay them flat on a clean towel and allow them to air dry naturally.

Keep in mind, using heat-based tools directly on the tape area might compromise the adhesive ability of the extension. If you must blow dry, do so on a cool setting and avoid the tape area.

Restoring Tape Strength

Once your tape-ins are clean and dry, it’s essential to restore the adhesive strength of the tapes. This is achieved by adding new tape to the extensions. Find high-quality hair extension tape, often available at beauty supply shops or online stores, and apply it carefully to the tape area of the extension. Trim any excess tape very close to the hair wefts but avoid cutting into the hair.

This aspect is vital in maintaining a seamless look when reinstalling. The adhesiveness is what ensures your extensions stay in place for weeks. Ensure the new tape is firmly pressed onto the extensions and ensure no air bubbles form beneath.

Storing Tape Extensions

If you’re not planning to reinstall your tape-ins immediately, proper storage is imperative. Store them where they won’t tangle up or get dirty, ideally in a storage bag designed specifically for hair extensions. Separate each weft gently to avoid causing unnecessary stress on the hair.

These bags often repel dust and other particles that could compromise the quality of your extensions. Refer to this guide on how to repurpose an old trunk to see if you can create a perfect home storage environment for your extensions.

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Prepping Your Hair

Preparation of your natural hair before reinserting tape-in extensions is equally important. Wash and condition your hair thoroughly but steer clear from using too much conditioner near your scalp where the tapes will be installed.

This helps ensure optimum adherence as oily or dirty hair can hinder secure attachment of the tapes. Dry your hair completely before applying tape-in extensions.

The Re-installation Process

The reinstallation process involves sectioning your hair and applying the extensions. Start from the nape of your neck, draw a straight line and attach the extension below that line. The natural hair should be sandwiched between two extensions. Apply pressure on each piece to ensure it sticks securely.

Prioritize putting them in places where they won’t be visible when tying up your hair or parting it in different styles. At this stage, work with a professional stylist if unsure or new to tape-ins.

Maintaining Tape In Extensions

With freshly installed tape-in extensions, maintenance is crucial for longevity and a seamless look. Use only sulfate-free and alcohol-free products to ensure the adhesive isn’t deprived of its bonding ability which can result in slippage. Brush your extensions gently from roots to ends daily to prevent tangling.

Furthermore, avoid any heat-based styling tools on the tape area and opt for loose hairstyles that minimize stress on your natural hair and the extensions. This ensures they last long and stay in good condition for another cycle of reuse.

Balancing Your Look

While it’s exciting to have instant length and volume with tape-in extensions, strike a balance with your natural hair. They should blend in seamlessly with your natural locks especially if you have fine hair. You wouldn’t want to have a thick voluminous bottom half while the top area looks sparse.

Work closely with your stylist to achieve harmony and balance in terms of colour match and density all throughout your head.

Avoid DIY Mistakes

The journey of reusing tape-in extensions comes with potential pitfalls, mostly when doing it yourself at home. Self-application may lead to uneven placements or over-conditioning which affects the bonding capability of the tapes.

If you lack the confidence to do it yourself, it’s best to hire a professional hair stylist. This might cost you upfront, but you will save in the long run through maintained hair health and optimized extension life.

Embrace Sustainability

In conclusion, reusing tape-in hair extensions is not just about saving money, but it’s also about being environmental conscious. It reduces waste disposal and aligns with our global efforts towards sustainability. Armed with the right knowledge and skills, tape-in extensions can serve you for several cycles while keeping your look refreshed and vibrant.

How To Reuse Tape In Extensions
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